About Him

Er, hi there. I'm Paul. I'm the grouchy husband in this setup.

It's true, Ann has got a lot of stuff. No, more than that. I'd show you a picture but I don't have a camera lens wide enough. Mind you, she is pretty fast at making things out of it, not that it reduces the size of the pile any.

I was kind of hoping to keep clear of the rough-and-tumble of this site, but Ann has introduced me to a sewing machine - which looks about as dangerous a device as driving a Ferrari down a ski-jump. So there's a challenge.

If you see a post with a green background, that is probably me sticking my nose in - and chances are it will be better for the entertainment value rather than for any real skilled stuff.

Hope you enjoy it. Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun from this end.