Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Owl Bag Charm

 I know it's another owl but I really liked the effect of the embroidery on the denim doorstop so I thought I'd try making a bag charm from denim. I wonder how many owls I could make from a pair of my jeans? Quite a lot I suspect.

I folded a piece of paper in half and cut out a half an owl outline.
 You can print it by clicking here
Then pinned it to the right side of a piece of denim and embroidered round it using a small running stitch.
I refolded the paper and cut out a rounded V shape which I filled with lines of running stitch.
I refolded the paper and cut out the wings and then marked them in with running stitch. Then filled in the rest of the details. I used blanket stitch for the eyes and feet and fly stitch for the chest feathers.(It was about now that I realised it would have worked better on ordinary rather than stretch denim.)
I placed the owl and backing right sides together and sewed round the owl close to the stitching leaving a gap in the side for turning and filling. I trimmed the fabric about 3/8 inch(1cm) from the seam line. This sounds a wide seam allowance for such a small thing but denim frays. I turned the owl right side out , filled it and closed the gap and the attached the clip.
My new bag charm is ready to fly.


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