Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cut Paper in Action

This is a puzzle post. Can you tell what it is yet? No? Me neither.

Coloured paper always feels a very serene medium to work in, so I usually end up doing something static like landscapes and architecture. But it is good fun to branch out a bit and try an action scene. Let's add the next colour.

Any wiser? Oh dear.

About forty years ago I did something like this poster-sized with giant pieces of sugar paper. It turned out very effective and even won me a prize. Here's another colour added in.

I guess it isn't all that obvious then.

This works nicely for scenes with stark colours and multiple people. Rugby scrums are good for example. You'll want to avoid doing faces and finely-toned muscles, as it gets too fiddly. The best bit is when it all comes into focus when you put the matte on.

And there's a fairly aggressive Judo throw right there, if you squint a bit and step back 500 miles or so. But once you've seen it , it sort of works. Better if you take more time over it.

Ann assumed I had drawn out the template, photocopied it onto coloured card and cut it out from there. I had to shamefacedly admit that my technique predates photocopiers - I drew the idea on white paper, cut the pieces out, drew around them in reverse on the coloured card and cut them out all over again. I'll know better next time. Of course, it is probably a doddle if you have access to a laser cutter, but where's the fun in that?


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