Monday, 14 November 2011

Cut Felt Christmas Bauble

I saw a gorgeous cushion last week made from cut felt but before I tried it out myself I thought I'd make something on a smaller scale. One thing I now know is that if I do make one I need to buy some small sharp scissors first ( and keep them for fabric). I also need better quality felt. The stuff I made the bauble from was the thick fuzzy variety and quite difficult to cut through. Anyway if you want to try here's how I did it (It would make a great First Christmas Bauble). I started by drawing the design on paper making sure that all the lines linked. I ironed some fusible web onto the red felt and traced my design, in reverse onto the paper backing. Cut out design using a sharp craft knife, scissors and as little swearing as possible. Then removed the paper backing and ironed it onto the green felt. I cut round the red design about 3/8 inch(1cm) from the edge and used this to cut a second circle of  green felt. I used a running stitch to join the two circles.Just before I finished sewing I added a little toy stuffing to lightly pad the bauble. Then made a hanging loop with the end of my thread. Not perfect but the technique works and it's pretty enough to hang on my tree.


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