Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Owl Doorstop

Today's owl is a doorstop that I made by recycling my daughters jeans (one leg anyway!). I cut off about 12inches(30cm) of jeans leg and embroidered the owl onto it. I cut a square of denim for the base with sides half the width of the flattened jeans leg plus 3/4 inch(2cm)With the jeans leg inside out I stitched across the top of the leg, leaving a gap in the centre for turning and filling, then pinned and stitched the base to the bottom of the leg. I turned the doorstop the right way out (those pointy ears just happen when you fill it) and filled the body with rice (you could use lentils or pulses) then the face section with toy filling and used a slip stitch to close the gap. Isn't he cute?


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