Monday, 17 October 2011

Knitted card(peacock)

There was a free gift in Crafts Beautiful this month. A foil embossing tool and some foil so I thought I'd better make some cards rather than just put it away. The foil card was made by foil embossing using a stencil. The Good luck card is a piece of card painted with acyllic paint, heaps of metallic embossing powder were placed on the wet paint and then I heated it with a craft gun. I layered it with copper card and used peel off strips to give it a more oriental look. The knitted peacock is one I made a pattern for a few years ago. I'll put it up in case anyone wants to make one.


Pair of knitting needles size   2.75mm,UK12, US 2
Oddment of blue 4ply yarn
Small beads and beading wire
Embroidery silk/cotton to attach beaks
Three small peacock feathers
Sticky dots

Knitting Instructions

Row 1
Cast on 3
Row 2
m1 k1m1
Row 3
m1 k3 m1
Row 4
m1 k5 m1
Row 5
knit 6 rows
Row 11
k2tog tbl k5 k2tog
Row 12
Row 13
k2tog tbl k3 k2tog
Row 14
Row 15
k2 tog tbl k1 k2tog
Row 16
m1 k1 m1
Row 17
m1 k3 m1

Row 18
knit 5rows
Row 23
k2tog tbl k3 k2tog
Row 24
k2tog tbl k1 k2tog
Row 25
cast off

(Sorry about the gap I still can't get the tables to work in blog)

Assembly Instructions
Attach beads for his eyes, beak and headdress. To make his legs and feet.attach wire to body and thread on enough beads for leg and one toe take the wire back through the toe beads(omitting first one) and make remaining toes in the same way then take wire back through leg beads and fasten to body. Use sticky dots to attach tail feathers to card and then to stick the peacock's body to them.


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