Friday, 7 October 2011

Dreamcatcher Card

A very windy couple of days, the leaves are piling up in drifts and two of the fence panels are lying on the lawn where the fence post has broken.It made me remember the tiny maple leaf punch I used on this dream catcher card. I made the mini dream catchers from brass curtain rings which I button hole stitched round with thread and added bead and pieces of feather when they were finished. There are loads of instructions for making dream catchers on the web. The pink card was made by folding an oval aperture card in the middle and folding the aperture section to the centre. I cut a piece of card the same size as the unfolded aperture card and folded that in half to make the outside. I taped the two outer sections of the aperture card to the outer card so that when it is folded the aperture folds the opposite way to the outer card.The faux fur down the edge of the blue card is a stcky tape which would have been handy for the Eskimo card if I had found it yesterday.


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