Friday, 9 September 2011

Patchwork cushion with envelope back

Yesterday's craft show put me in the mood to sew something but I couldn't decide what and then along came the post. One of my friends has sent me some lovely Cath Kidston fabric squares to make a patchwork cushion for her son's room. It's cut into squares so I can start right away.The pattern is here if you want to make one.

Patchwork cushion with envelope back
Keep the seam allowance the same throughout. I usually use 3/8inch(1cm) but on small patches you may want to reduce this

Square fabric patches (these need to be cut accurately)
Cotton fabric Two pieces each the same height as the finished front and half the width plus 4 inches(10cm) this will give a 4inch(10cm) overlap, large cushions may want more
Furnishing cord(optional) allow four times width of finished front plus 4inches(5cm) and a bit extra as you can use a little more turning the corners


  • Lay out the patches and adjust the layout until you are happy with the design
  • Join each column of patches starting from the top and checking that any patch with a one way design will be the right way round when you have joined it to the others
  • Lay each column back in place as you complete it
  • Pin and join first two columns
  • Lay column back and fold next column over it pin in place and join
  • Add each column in turn until front is complete


  •  Wrong side facing turn up 1 inch along one long side of fabric.
  •  Fold this over again to make hem
  • Sew along both edges of hem  about 1/8 inch(0.3cm) from each edge
  • Repeat with other piece of fabric making hem on opposite side 


  • Put front facing upwards
  • Lay back pieces,right side down, onto front overlapping hems and matching sides ,top and bottom edges

  • Pin in place
  • Join each edge, leaving a 1 inch(2.5cm) gap in bottom edge if you are using cord
  • Turn cushion right side out. Add cord by pushing about 2 inch(5cm) of cord into the cushion through the gap you left.
  • Slip stitch cord in place around seams( I use double thread and fasten off every few inches so if it gets pulled it doesn't all come undone)
  • Leave about 2 inch(5cm) of cord and cut off the rest
  • Push end of cord into cushion through gap and sew gap closed
  • Turn cushion wrong way out and sew ends of cord to seam allowance to prevent them unravelling
  • Turn cushion right side out


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