Monday, 5 September 2011

Lavender Bag Buddy

I sent for a jar of craft goodies from ebay last week, mainly for the jar and also because it had some scrabble tiles in it. Today I tipped it out onto the table and tried to think what I could make from it all.

The little box was easy I glued tape round the sides, put ricrac braid ( is that what you call it? my spell checker doesn't like it) over the braid to soften it, made a flower from layers of loose petals, put the green precut flowers in the centre and glued the big glass stone to them.

There were some pieces that I thought would make a good card. The heart and butterfly pegs had been covered with fabric so I glued a similar fabric onto the & sign. I tinted it with tea to get a similar background.

The rest I split into two piles, those that might make cards and those that won't. The won't pile was a green clothes peg, some stiff net and two large lavender buttons which reminded me that I had promised to make a lavender bag buddy.The pattern is here if you want to make one.

Lavender Bag  Buddy
Small amounts of fabric
Toy filling
Embroidery thread
Iron on vilene(optional)
4inches(10cm) braid
Dried lavender

Allow a 1/4 inch (0.5cm) seam allowance throughout
Cut a back,a front and two head pieces from fabric
                   - click here to download the pattern


    iron interfacing onto the wrong side of the front before cutting out the circle
   Stitch round the circle using a close zigzag stitch to stop fraying
  • Pin 4 - 6 layers of net behind the circle
  • Buttonhole stitch round the circle fixing the net in place as you do so
  • Pin front and back together, right sides facing
  • Sew round body leaving neck open for filling
  • Turn body right side out


  • Lay one head piece right side up
  • Fold braid in half and place, loop downwards down centre of head so that ends are a little over the top edge
  • Place other head piece right side down onto these
  • Pin the layers together and then machine round them leaving neck edge open for filling
  • Turn head right side out

  • Fill arms and legs with toy filling
  • Put a thin layer of toy filling across the back and then fill the front with lavender
  • Add a little more filling and ladder stitch body seam closed
  • Fill head with toy filling keeping it fairly flat
  • Ladder stitch head seam closed

  • Tilt head backwards and sew body to head about 1/2 inch(1cm)  up from the bottom of head seam to make a chin
  • Sew on button eyes and embroider smile

I made a box and a card and a lavender bag buddy.
I still have loads of bits left over. Any ideas?


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