Friday, 23 September 2011

Knitting needle case

What makes you decide what to make? Usually I make things because it's someone's birthday or because someone has asked me to make something but I very rarely make anything to keep for myself which is a bit ridiculous when you think about it. After I'd spent rather a lot of time searching through my needlework boxes for a crochet hook it struck me that I hardly ever used most of the needle sizes so today I made myself a needle case for those needles I use most often(and if I ever find my other crochet hook it can live in there too!)The pattern is here if you want to make one.

Knitting needle case
Main fabric  21 1/2inches(53cm) x 14 inches(36cm)
Lining fabric 21 1/2inches(53cm) x 14 inches(36cm)
                   21 1/2inches(53cm) x  9 1/2 inches(26cm)
                   9 inches(25cm) x 6 inches(15cm)
Bias binding 60 inches(150cm)
Wadding (4oz,100gm thickness) 21 1/2inches(53cm) x 14 inches(36cm)

 A 3/8 inch(1cm) seam allowance is used throughout

Take the two smaller pieces of lining.
Make a small hem along one long edge on each piece. 
Fold under the seam allowance down the left side of the smallest piece and position it as shown.
Stitch down edge close to fold.
Make additional lines of stitching down the small piece about 1 1/4 inches(3cm) apart for needles and crochet hooks, 1 5/8 inches(4cm) for stitch holders
Pin in these linings to the larger lining piece.
Starting by the small piece make a line of stitching down from the hem to the base
Make additional lines of stitching about 1 1/4 inches(3cm) apart to create pockets for the needles
With main fabric right side down, linings right side up pin linings to wadding and main fabric

Use the edge of a a small glass to mark a round edge on the top corners .
Trim top corners to marked curve
Stitch bias binding along seam line to right side of main fabric.
Trim bottom corners.
If necessary trim edges of fabric back to edge of bias binding(this will depend on the width of your bias binding)
Fold bias strip over the edge and hem it to lining
Add contents

Fold flap over tops of needles
Roll pack up starting at needle end
Use the rest of the bias binding to create ties for the needle holder
Unfold Bias binding at end.
Fold in end. Refold bias binding with end folded in.
Fold binding in half lengthways and stitch edges together, folding in other end when you reach it.
Sew centre of ties to centre of pack about 1/2 inch(1cm) in from edge
Wrap binding round pack and tie.


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