Friday, 2 September 2011

Dimensional Adhesive Pendant(steampunk)

I've spent the last couple of days in Liverpool(great city to visit) so had to do a bit of catching up today, no time for crafting but Paul had done a bit for me. When I was making the glass tile pendants I thought I'd try embedding these watch parts in the Diamond Glaze adhesive and this is the result. I set it up a few days ago and then got Paul to keep giving it thin coats of adhesive while I was away.(You need to let each layer dry thoroughly). It takes longer and is not as easy to use but it does have the huge advantage of not smelling like resin. The method is here if you want to make one.

Diamond Glaze Pendant
Dimensional adhesive e.g.Judkins Diamond Glaze 
Pendant tray bezel
Small item to embed
Picture (printed on ordinary printer paper)
Decoupage adhesive

  • Give inside of pendant tray a thin coat of diamond glaze to seal it
  • Use decoupage glue to coat (thinly) both sides of picture and any small item you are going to embed (the watch parts were too small so I just hoped for the best, the oil on them turned red which,luckily, I liked)
  • Using Diamond glaze glue picture into tray.Allow to dry
  • Place items to be embedded into tray
  • Add Diamond Glaze to fill tray(try to fill holes between embedded items
  • Remove any air bubbles by pricking them with an old paintbrush or moving them over the side and wiping off with tissue
  • Leave to dry thoroughly (glaze will go clear and shrink)
  • Keep adding layers of glaze allowing each one to dry thoroughly until you are happy with the level of glaze