Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bottle Bag Pattern

Yes I know this looks just like my last blog but it is different. After having made something towards Christmas yesterday I was feeling quite pleased with myself but there's always one bottle that spoils it by not having a dimple. Flat bottomed bottles need flat bottomed bags so today I made this one. It has a square flat bottom and is only lined part way down from the top so the bottle has a flat, single layer of fabric to sit on. The great thing about making these bags early is that you use up all the leftover Christmas fabric from last year and that justifies me buying the new fabrics for this year.The pattern is here if you want to make one.

Bottle Bag Pattern
Thin cotton
Main fabric       2 x 7 inches(17.5cm) x 12inches(30cm)
Contrast fabric  1 x 7inches(17.5cm)  x 7inches(17.5cm) (base)
                         2 x 7inches(17.5cm)   x 10 1/2 inches(27cm)(Lining)
Paper square     3 1/8inches(8cm) x 3 1/8inches(8cm)

Use 3/8 inch (5cm) seam allowance throughout
Turn under 3/8 inch(1cm) and sew along one short edge of each lining piece
With right sides together seam along short edges of pieces, joining them in the following order
       lining, main, base, main, lining to make a long scarf
 (any design put base of design towards the fabric base so that it will be the right way up on the finished bag)

Pin paper square in place in centre of wrong side of base fabric (you'll see why soon)
Fold scarf in half lengthways
Seam along two long edges

Place base flat on work surface with seamed edge running straight down so that there is a point ahead of you

  • Turn bag over and sew across along edge of paper square
  • Repeat with other side seam corner
  • Remove paper
  • Join points to seam allowance at sides so that they stay off the base and it will be flat when you put your bottle down

Turn bag right sides out
Fold lining to inside leaving about 2 inches(5cm) of lining showing above main fabric.
Press folded edge
Sew along top and bottom edges of lining with either a straight or decorative stitch

Place bottle in bag, tie with pretty ribbon, add a matching gift card and (of course) hide away until needed


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