Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Patchwork ball

I have been given some lovely pieces of furnishing velvet and was wondering what to do with them when the thought of a patchwork ball entered my mind. I'm not sure why. The last time I made one of these I was 11. Anyway a quick check in Barbara Snook's Creative Soft Toys (The same book I used then, full of amazingly easy ideas) to make sure I remembered how and here it is. It will be living on my desk for a while until I can decide whether or not to embroider the seams.The pattern is here if you want to make one.

Heavy paper or thin card for templates
Enough fabric to cover twelve templates allow 3/8 inch (1cm) seam allowance round each one
Small amount of toy filling


  • To make templates download the pdf here or draw pentagon the required size
  • Cut 12 paper or card templates for each ball
  • Pin templates to fabric and cut out 3/8inch (1cm) away from edge of template
  • Turn down fabric edges and tack in place through template

  • Select a central piece and join five others to it by oversewing them together(right sides together) to make a daisy shape
  • Join each 'petal to the one next to it to form a bowl shape
  • Repeat with the other six pieces
  • Join the two bowls together, leave two adjoining edges open for turning and stuffing

  • Remove all tacking and templates
  • Retack open edges once template has been removed
  • Turn rightside out
  • fill firmly with toy filling
  • Slipstitch open sides closed


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