Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lizard Box

I had a fish spa this morning. A new experience. Very odd but I think I shall go again as my feet definitely liked it. I had already decided that today I would cover a little card box (hobbycraft) and was just thinking of how to put a fish design on it when I spied these little lizards. They've been sitting on my desk for a while now, the result of me wanting one lizard charm from ebay and having to buy five to get it.Next to them was the big double bezel, an ebay error as it was far too heavy to turn into a pendant. I cut the hanging loops off them all  with wire cutters, put foil paper in the bezels and added a coat of glaze to protect them, then used superglue to attach the lizards.The box lid is covered in fabric made by glueing silk waste to a vilene backing then making a lot of tiny stitches through it using a little of each of the green silk threads I had in my embroidery box. I added french knots and seed beads to give it a bit more texture.I glued a thin layer of padding to the box and then glued the vilene in place. I'm not sure I like the result so I may decide to take the lizards off and try to make them a less 'woolly' background. 
It has been pointed out to me that making things this size is not reducing my stash much so I shall be making something larger tomorrow.


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