Friday, 19 August 2011

Knitted Baby Card (teddy and bootees)

What a change from yesterday. A gloriously warm day with a very light breeze. Perfect. I went for a long walk across the nature reserve so I was quite happy to put my feet up with a cup of coffee and get out my knitting needles. I've reached the age where all of my daughters' friends seem to be having babies which means I keep needing baby cards. I wrote the pattern for this one a few years ago when I tried to get a book of knitted(and knotted) cards published. I failed but it has come in very handy since. The pattern is here if you want to make one.

Knitted Baby Card(teddy and bootees)

1 pair of knitting needles size  2.5mm,(US1, UK13)
Oddments of 3ply(baby,fingering) yarn in appropriate colours
Embroidery silk for features on bear
Backing paper or fabric
A5 aperture greeting card
Double sided sticky tape
3D double sided foam tape or pads
Sticky backed decorative flower tape (optional)
Gathered ribbon or lace


k Knit
p Purl
m1 make one extra stitch by knitting twice into the same stitch
k2 tog knit two stitches together as if they were one stitch
p2 tog purl two stitches together as if they were one stitch
rib (k1,p1)repeat to end of row

Teddy Bear

Row 1
Cast on 4 sts
Row 2
Knit 8 rows. Place sts on holder or safety pin. Break yarn 
Row 10
Cast on 4 sts
Row 11
Knit 8 rows
Row 19
Knit the 4 sts on needle then pick up and knit the 4 sts from holder
Row 20
Knit 8 rows. Cast on 4 sts at end of last row
Row 28
Knit. Cast on 4 sts at the end of the row
Row 29
Knit 3 rows
Row 32
Cast off 6sts knit to end
Row 33
Cast off 6sts knit to end
Row 34
Row 35
Row 36
Knit 7 rows
Row 43
P2tog( 4 times)
Row 33
Cast off

Make Up Instructions
  • Sew in yarn ends
  • Thread a needle with double yarn.
  • Make a loop where the ear is to be
  • Buttonhole around loop catching in the edge of the head as you sew.
  • Embroider features
  • Use doubled blue yarn to make a bow around the neck


Row 1
Cast on 22 sts
Row 2
Next row : m1 k20 m1(24sts)
Row 3
Row 4
Row 5
K8 k2tog p4 k2tog tbl k8
Row 6
p7 p2tog k4 p2tog p7
Row 7
K6 k2tog p4 k2tog tbl k6
Row 8
p5 p2tog k4 p2tog p5
Row 9
Rib 5 rows
Row 10
Cast off in rib(k1,p1)

Make Up Instructions
  •  Fold bootee in half right sides together and oversew edge seam
  • Fasten off and run in ends of yarn
  • Turn bootee right way out
  • Using single blue yarn, starting centre front slide needle through stitches around ankle and tie ends in a bow.

Card Assembly Instructions
  • Fix backing in place on apperture card
  • Attach gathered lace/ribbon around edge of apperture
  • Cut flower tape into separate flowers and apply randomly to card
  • Stick bear to cad by placing double sided 3D foam pads or tape behind the head and body(this makes him appear slightly padded)
  • Attach bootees with double sided tape
  • Teddy birthday card 

The Teddy Bear card is the same teddy pattern knitted in feather/eyelash yarn on 4mm (UK 8, US6)


  1. I love the teddy cards - what a great card for a new mum to save!

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