Thursday, 18 August 2011

Inchies Reflections on the Gower

What a damp August day this has been. It made me remember my last holiday on the Gower peninsular in Wales. Gorgeous scenery more than made up for the dull weather. I decided to make some inchies to remind myself of it. If you haven't come across inchies they are tiny works of art 1 inch x 1inch made in any media. Just type  'inchies' or 'fabric inchies' into a search engine for inspiration. I tried edging these on the sewing machine but I think I'll go back to hand sewing until my machining improves. The tiny shells were picked up on a Gower beach so belong there. I'm not sure about the bird he was sitting in my button box and just looked right when I added him. As for the peacocks feather and pieces of silicon carbide, well inchies are supposed to be fun aren't they?

To make inchies you need a stiff backing. I used a thick iron on vilene. I laid pieces of green threads, silver (tinsel type) yarn and some silk waste onto the backing and covered it with baking paper and ironed it so most of it was held in place. I put a piece of blue voile over this background and then used the sewing machine on a fairly small zig zag to create nine inchies.(remember that you need a line of machining for the edge of one square AND another for the edge of the next) I embroidered some of the inchies with tiny dots of metallic thread and then glued on the other decorations, a peacock feather,two teardrop rhinestones, a tiny mirror,mini green rhinestones, silicon carbide, shells and a bird(heron?).


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