Monday, 22 August 2011

Glass tile Pendants

Isn't it odd how sometimes things which seem so simple can give you so much trouble? These pendants only have three parts, a metal bezel, a picture and a glass cover which fits neatly into the bezel. Easy I thought. I looked up how to make them on Youtube and it looked pretty simple. They all seemed to recommend diamond glaze which is a great adhesive and I already owned some but it reacts with some metals and turns blue (see green pendant). I knew about this with copper and brass but didn't know it would do it with my silver coloured fittings. The answer is to give the fitting a thin coat and let it dry thoroughly before you use them. The other problem is bubbles. All the tutorials I looked at suggested the same method - put a layer of adhesive in the fitting, remove any visible bubbles add the picture, more adhesive and the glass cover. No matter how bubble free I started off by the time the glass was in place a bubble had formed somewhere and if I dared to press on the glass an even bigger bubble would be sucked in when I let go! Finally I gave up, went away and did the washing up (more bubbles!) and realised I was making it far more complicated than it needs to be. The method is here if you want to make one.

My new method is
  • Print the picture onto ordinary printer paper
  • Seal the fitting with a thin layer of dimensional adhesive and leave it to dry
  • Seal the picture with a thin layer of decoupage adhesive and leave it to dry
  • Put a layer of dimensional adhesive on the back of the glass tile
  • Use a toothpick to smooth it over and remove any bubbles(make sure it covers right to the corners)
  • Turn the tile over onto the picture and leave it to dry
  • Trim the excess paper
  • Put a layer of decoupage adhesive over the back of the picture and leave it to dry
  • Use a thin layer of dimensional adhesive to fix the tile into the tray
A lot of leaving it to dry but it does seem work.


  1. I would like one that says "Sod clam, have a break down" ;) I do like these Ann Xx

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