Monday, 15 August 2011

No Sew Fabric Boxes

Today’s project was an easy one. I have just bought some jewellery for two of my friends and needed something to pack it in. These no-sew boxes are really quick. I used to make tiny versions from Christmas cards but one day I thought why not cover them in fabric, and it worked.Since then I have made loads of them, changing the fabric to match the occasion and the recipient. The pattern is here if you want to make one.

No-sew fabric box

  • Two squares of stiff paper or thin card - a 12”(30cm) square makes a box about 4½”(11cm)
  • One piece of fabric the same size as the paper and a smaller piece to line the lid. If the fabric is stretchy, slippery or very thin, backing it with iron-on interfacing makes it easier to handle. If the fabric is very thin so you can see through it, you'll need to use plain paper, or fold so that the white side is on the outside to stop  the pattern showing.
  • Double-sided tape
  • Small piece of scrap card

The recipe:
  • Cut a ½” (1.5cm) strip off two joining sides of one of the paper squares
  • Fold this smaller square in half side to side and crease it
  • Open it up and fold it in half top to bottom and crease it
  • Open the square up and fold the points to the centre

  • Keeping the square folded, fold each side to the middle and crease 
  • Now fold the top and bottom to the middle and crease again

  • Open the paper up
  • Fold two opposite points in and stick down the points. 
  • Now do the same with the other two remaining points (you have to fold them in over the other flaps of paper pushing the corners in as you do so, it looks fiddly to start with but it comes with a bit of practice)

  • Use double-sided tape to hold the corners in place on the base
  • To make the top of the box fold the larger piece of paper the same way, but do not stick the corners down.
  • Unfold it all, turn the creased paper over and add  pieces of tape at the edges of each corner. Leave the centre point on each side clear of tape 
  • Peel off the backing from the tape and stick the fabric square to the paper one

  • Fold into a box shape as before and then stick down the corners of the fabric. Don’t worry about how uneven they look, we are going to cover them up.
  • Take a piece of scrap card and draw around the paper box (not the one you just covered with fabric) 
  • Cut this shape out and check that it will fit inside the fabric-covered lid
  • Trim to fit 
  • Cut a piece of fabric about ½“ (1cm) larger all round than the card
  • Fold over the edges and stick them down with tape 

  • Add two strips of tape to the centre of the card
  • Stick the covered card into place in the lid so it covers the raw edges of the fabric.

  • The finished lid should fit neatly over the bottom of the box

Like this!